Ongoing Maintenance & Security Package (OMSP)

Important Information about Jalweb’s cutting-edge Ongoing Maintenance & Security Package (OMSP) that keeps your website UNSTOPPABLE

At Jalweb we aim to keep our partners websites in front of the latest trends, application changes and security threats on the Internet.

As part of Jalweb’s OMSP, we offer two advanced on-going services that ensure that your website continues to meet the challenges of today’s Internet environment.

1. Jalweb Website Coding, Ongoing Maintenance & Content Management System Programme
As the internet becomes more complex and new versions of user software and updates are introduced at faster and faster rates, the coding behind your website needs to be constantly adapted to perform at an optimum level, so that as many people as possible can view and interact with your site.

To keep up with the constant changes, Jalweb conducts a monthly maintenance programme for all our partner websites, where each website is review coded to meet new versions & updates of browser software and make the downstream interactions compatible between your ISP (e.g. Vodacom), Jalweb (as your hosting company) and other parts of the network.

If your website has a Content Management System, such as Joomla!, WordPress or Magento, these systems need monthly security and software updates, to ensure they are always running the most current version of the software therefore greatly reducing the chance of your website being hacked.

Please Note: If your website operates a Content Management System, due to third party requirements, subscription to this service is mandatory.


2. Jalweb Support Plan
Modern websites operate in highly technical environments. We are constantly striving to break down the barriers that face partners when making choices about web technologies.

Jalweb offers a low monthly support plan fee so that when you have questions about how components of your site, email or domain name are working. As part of your OMSP you aren’t charged for the time we spend explaining these technical details to you. This also covers support and key guidance with your website statistics and alterations to your email accounts.

Outstanding customer support is central to Jalweb’s business philosophy, and we endeavour at all times to keep your site operational, ahead of the fast-changing trends and meeting your customer’s expectations.

All websites managed by Jalweb are introduced to our OMSP’s monthly service and support plan, weekly website maintenance programme, Google Analytics website statistics package and content management system support.

What is included in your Jalweb OMSP?
• Joomla!, WordPress or Magento Content Management System, software updates and support.
• When an error occurs on your site. We monitor all site errors and, in many cases, will be aware of an issue before you are. Charges may apply depending on the complexity of the error but generally all errors will be covered in your support plan.
• When you have a question about how some component of your site, email or domain name works.
• When you have a change to your existing email structure.
• Meetings and consultancy. In general, all meetings and consultancies are chargeable.
• Exclusive first access to Jalweb’s hot deals and specials that arise from time to time. By being a OMSP partner you are offered new innovations in web and search technology exclusively first.

Our OMSP plan covers all support on an unlimited basis.

OmniHyper Hours of Service
Weeks Open: 50 weeks, excluding public holidays and weekends only. Closures outside this period will be notified to partners via email.
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.30pm.
After Hours Support: On a “best effort” basis only. We offer email support during normal business hours 8:00am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday excluding public holidays. For those partners without specific after hour’s service agreements we will endeavour to provide a “best effort” level of service outside of normal business hours for technical issues only.
Questions/Comments: If you have any questions/comments at all regarding any of the above, please contact Albert de Weerd,

Thank you for your continued support – The Team @ Jalweb.