Frequently Ask Questions – Wireless

What does Line of Sight (LoS) mean?

A clear line of sight (LoS) is one of the most important conditions for creating reliable wireless links. All wireless signals are reduced when they encounter obstructions.
Line of sight (LoS) implies-the ability to see from point A to point B without any obstructions, wireless line-of-sight requires more than being able to easily see from one location to another. Wireless signals travel in waves, not straight lines, which mean that the signal is radiated outwards from the antenna-not linearly.

If you have lots of trees or buildings or a hill between you and the base station, you wont be able to use wireless internet.

Can weather affect the quality of service?

Like any wireless signal, changes to the environment can cause interference, however only severe rain and snow should affect your service.

What does a typical installation include?

Most providers will install a Radio outside the business that will connect to the Network which connects all of your devices.

This will require a small hole to be drilled through your exterior wall. An ethernet cable will then be connected from the outside to one jack on that radio, and the other jack will have an ethernet connection to the network switch.

Can I add multiple devices to my WIFI connection?

Yes. The service allows you to link all your laptops, PC’s, mobile devices and tablets to the network.

Do you need a phone line?

No phone lines are needed to have Wireless services. Our Wireless Internet connection will allow you to send and receive information, making it your complete Internet solution.

Can I use a VPN connection with your service?

Absolutely. Our customers can use a VPN from their home to connect to their corporate office. This allows our customers to work from home.

My business requires a static IP address, can you provide us with that?

Yes we can at extra cost

I need a good connection for VOIP, will wireless work?

Yes, due to the fact that we offer symmetrical bandwidth, as well as make use of 24ghz microwave to our high sites, VOIP is never a problem on our network. Should you need a VOIP service we are able to offer you this.

Can I use this service to download peer-to-peer and torrents?

Yes, also you are able to stream your favorite sites like Netflix and Showmax.

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